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Off-Grid Camper Van Summer Essentials

Off-Grid Camper Van Summer Essentials

Summer may almost be over for some of us, but for others it's just getting started. The snow has melted (well, most of it) and adventure is calling. In todays blog post we are going to go over our list of 10 Off-Grid camper essentials. All these recommendations are under $500 and great for Sprinter, Transit & ProMaster camper van owners!


#1 MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Boards

What good is a trip if you can't go anywhere or get stuck. MAXTRAX is the best vehicle recovery board on the market — and the original! Simply place underneath your tires and idle out of the situation you’re stuck in, no matter if it’s sand, snow or mud! Whether you’re retrieving your boat from the water, or your 4WD vehicle out of boggy mud, sand or snow, MAXTRAX is the vehicle extraction tool that can make vehicle recovery quicker and easier than most other vehicle recovery
devices on the market today.


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#2 DOMETIC Hydration Water Faucet

Hydration is key is so is convenience when you are on the road. Whether you need enough water to wet your toothbrush or to fill a cooking pot, Dometic’s Hydration Water Faucet lets you dispense what you need and use less.


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#3 WANDERFUL Window Covers

No one likes a cranky camper. Blocking out those early morning rays is essential to a solid nights rest. These were designed to give your van complete privacy and to block 95% of UV Rays.


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#4 DOMETIC Compact Camp Chair

Setting up a relaxing base camp is one the first things you are going to do once you get to your destination. Dometic’s Compact Camp Chair provides comfortable, portable seating for eating, reading, entertaining, and simply enjoying the outdoors. This product easily folds up and takes up minimal space during transport. 


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#5 LUNO Front Cab Air Mattress 

Staying on the topic of sleeping, for those who are tired of sharing a bed and looking for another sleeping arrangement option? Look no further. The Luno Front Cab Air Mattress inflates in just a few minutes to create a comfortable sleeping surface that spans the driver seat, center console and passenger seat of your van. It’s built with durable, 300-denier fabric and a pack-down size that easily stows away. Now the little ones or furry friends are no longer left to sleep on the floor.


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#6 RUGGED RADIOS Handheld Radios 

If you have been off grid you probably know how spotty cell service can be. Having an alternative way to have close range communication that doesn't rely on cell service can come in handy. Plus the kiddos will have a lot of fun w/ these! The GMR2 handheld radio keeps you connected to friends and family while on the go! With the included 22 channels, you'll have universal connection to all other GMRS radios; meaning you can talk to the other walkie-talkies, both GMRS and FRS.



Being off the grid and participating in adventurous activities is all fun and games comes w/ the risks of unforeseen accidents. Being prepared to the best of your capabilities is always a smart move. This waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof first aid kit is equipped with life-saving supplies for any environment. Whether in the desert, on the boat, or in the mud, your gear will stay protected from the elements.


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#8 LUNO Car Camping Fan

Looking for some additional air flow but don't want to break the bank w/ an AC unit? Beat the heat with a small but mighty 5" USB-powered fan. The hefty, stay-tight suction cup allows you to attach the fan to any of your windows. After attaching, the articulating ball mount gives you full control over the direction of airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while camping. Heads up: a power bank or USB port is necessary for the use of this fan - all this power has to come from somewhere!

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#9 TEMBO TUSK Skottle Grill

Looking too impress your friends w/ some amazing meals while away from the comforts of home but don't have a kitchen/stove set-up in your van build? We have a solution for you! The Tembo Tusk Skottle can be used to cook anything while camping or off the grid. This portable grill is easy to set-up, easy to clean puts out some heat. Everything is includes minus the propane tank that is bought separately. 


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#10 GARMIN inReach® Mini 2

Lastly, but honestly maybe the most important items you can get if you are planning on being somewhere off grid is the Garmin inReach® Mini 2. This compact satellite communicator helps you stay in contact with home when you’re off the grid — adding peace of mind to every adventure, without adding weight to your packIn an emergency, it allows you to send an interactive SOS message to their coordination center.


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That concludes are Top 10 Camper Van Summer Essential List. There are handful of additional products that are great to elevated your Camper Van experience. Feel free to browse all the products we offer here:



If you have any other questions about this blog feel free to hit us up on the chat box or you can call us anytime Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST (657) 227-8433

Hope to see you out on the road!

Safe & Happy Travels

- Vanspeed

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