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Van VS Chef - Pilot Episode

A massive thank you for being a part of our Pilot Episode for "Van vs. Chef" – an epic culinary face-off with our host, Evan Johnson, and the incredible Chef Sarah Glover! We're buzzing with excitement to shine a spotlight on your brand, both within the show and across our social media platforms. When you receive our specially crafted assets, we'd love it if you could share, feature, and spread the love.

Let's make some noise together.


Post #1

Date: 9-19-23

Time: 5PM PST

Post Type: BTS Photos Slider

Download Assets Here:

Post #2

Date: 9-22-23

Time: 5PM PST

Post Type: Teaser Video #1

Download Assets Here:

Post #3

Date: 9-26-23

Time: 6:30PM PST

Post Type: Full Length Video

Sharable link to video here:

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