5 Ready-Made Camper Vans That Will Take Your Adventure Anywhere

Camper van life is on the rise as more people are finding that it’s a great way to live a life of adventure. To show the world that you can live freely in a gorgeous-looking Sprinter camper van that perfectly reflects your independent lifestyle. Eager to get going, many adventurers quickly get overwhelmed when they dive into all of the ways to outfit their dream camper van.

The emphasis is on slow travel, and also travel that is eco-friendly.

We have spent years experimenting with and perfecting our platform line of Sprinter van conversions that focus on traveling without the need to get on a plane and stay in hotels, resulting in less of a carbon footprint.

With our luxurious and functional camper vans, you have the freedom of traveling slower, savoring each destination, and diving into the local culture, all while living comfortably in your converted Mercedes Sprinter van. A home away from home that allows you to move freely according to your whims.

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Why a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

With the recent popularity of van life – all you need to do is watch those reality TV van life shows or open Instagram for van life influencers – it is easy to get inspired to acquire a tiny traveling home of your own.

Many van dwellers are rejecting the notion of the old-fashioned camper van; they can be chunky and clunky, poorly designed, and slow-moving - horribly impractical for long-term van living. 

Sprinter vans, on the other hand, are easy to drive, reliable, and let’s face it, look pretty darn cool! Mercedes Sprinter conversions are the perfect companion for any off-grid adventure, whether you are looking to be a “weekend warrior”, a full-time van lifer, or something in between. 

The beauty is that Sprinter vans drive much like a car, with the additional option of having a rear-view mirror if it doesn’t come included. They ride smoothly and can tackle the steepest of roads with ease. [LINK to our Mercedes article on the driving experience]

This means you can enjoy the most breathtaking views without worrying about the ride. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road!

Camper vans give you the freedom to travel and experience spectacular views.

The Mercedes brand is one of the biggest companies out there, thoroughly vetted, and the sprinter van comes out at the top of their game. On the rare occasion that anything goes wrong, their worldwide presence means you won’t be waiting long for professional help or an obscure part to arrive. What’s more, they can be driven without a special license, so no taking extra tests before hitting the road.

Once you have possession of your Mercedes Sprinter van, it’s time to think about how to make it uniquely your own.

When thinking about the conversion process, choosing the right custom design for you may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve developed five different platforms that are not only practical for your living adventure needs but are customizable to suit your unique aesthetic, preferences, and lifestyle.

Whether you are a camper van conversion veteran or a bright-eyed newbie, transforming your Mercedes Sprinter van into your own traveling camper van palace couldn’t be smoother with our professional conversion jobs.

We have spent countless hours perfecting our semi-custom builds by developing pre-engineered layouts that you can make into your own by choosing custom colors and materials to fully customize the look of your van.

Vanspeed Shop vans get you on the road faster with semi-custom builds.

Custom Sprinter Camper Van Jobs for Both 144 and 170 WheelbasesWe’ve done many custom van conversions, and have taken the best features and layouts to create these 5 pre-engineered platforms. These platforms ensure a secure fit, with perfect aesthetics, quality material, full functionality, and beautiful design. Each of these designs addresses the specific lifestyle and adventure you want to live out on the road. 

Our designs reflect that laid-back California ease in both form and function. With three of our platforms fitting on the Sprinter 144, and two platforms fitting on the Springer 170 wheelbases, they both can accommodate extra seating, depending on which of our platforms you choose.

Once your platform is chosen, we get going on your conversion, even without your van on the lot in the beginning – it’s one of the advantages of having a pre-engineered design. We even offer certain exterior features, whether they come with the layout, or as an option.

[ADD details on exterior options] These exterior options include passenger/driver side steps, aero or Dakar roof rack, Mercedes Sprinter front bumper with or without light mounts, side or rear roof ladder, and mount bracketed water tank.

Upfit your van with a roof rack, bumper, ladder, side steps, and more!

Our tried and tested platforms can accommodate many types of travelers, from weekend adventurers to small families to full-time camper van enthusiasts to hard-core off-gridders. These vans can also double as a daily driver, for those who have long commutes or plan to use your van as your office space.

We’ve got your Mercedes custom conversion already worked out, which can save you from the time and hassle required of a complete start-from-scratch custom job.

Why Does Vanspeed Shop Do Semi-Builds vs. Custom Builds?

We like to think we stand out from the strictly custom-build guys for many reasons:

  • We get you on the fast-track to adventure: Your semi-custom camper van is done from start to finish in just 8 weeks. Most custom van conversion companies have a waiting list of 6-8 months. There’s no waiting with us. We get you out on the road quickly with the functionality, style, and comfort you require.
  • We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our platforms, taking cues from our experience doing full custom builds.
  • Our customers rave about the beauty of our builds and our excellent attention to detail. Every inch of your conversion is utilized for the best possible use of space.
  • We make our own roof racks, bumpers, side ladders, rear ladders, and side steps. Want more windows, a shower, a roof-top tent, or extra seating? No problem. We’ve got you covered.
  • You have the option of upgrading with additional features such as seat swivels, an under-the-seat heater, more solar utilization (eco-friendly!), extra lights on the exterior, and more.
  • We can upfit your conversion van for all four seasons – from hot desert weather to freezing mountain temps.
  • We design for both the outdoor adventurer who wants to carry all of their gear and the slow traveler who wants to live in their van long-term.
Why Vanspeed Shop and why semi-custom builds

Many of our customers first come to us with the idea of doing a custom build. But when they see our array of semi-custom options and all they can do with them, they quickly realize that we have already done most of the legwork with our semi-custom layouts.

After choosing your desired platform, you can make it your own by mixing and matching the interior with our array of bed & cushion upholstery, trim upholstery, floor cabinets, countertops, flooring, ceiling cabinets, ceiling, and wall material; all available in sophisticated, complementary colors.

Our wide range of inviting colors and materials will brighten your indoor van space, making it seem more spacious. Your converted van will be slick and modern, ready for you to make some lasting memories. 

Our 5 Semi-Custom Platforms, Explained

These platforms are not van conversion kits. They are not simply pieces to be bought and put together like Legos. They come already set up and ready for you to enjoy once we’ve outfitted your van with your chosen platform. If there are features included in one platform that is not included in your chosen platform, in most cases, we can accommodate them as optional features.

All you need to do is sit tight and wait for our professional engineers to turn your Sprinter into your amazing traveling chariot. You simply need to come and pick up your converted van, then hit the road and let your adventure van life travel dreams become reality.

The Sprinter 144 Series

Learn more about the California Coast pre-engineered platform.

Our California Coast platform is great for singles or couples’ travelers. It is the starter van for any new nomad looking to dream big by hitting the open road with everything they might need. Travel and sleep comfortably with a full back-door garage system, with the option of an indoor or outdoor shower.

Get your luxurious basics covered with insulation, flooring, walls, ceiling, kitchen, and bed. The bed platform easily converts to a dinette when needed, which leaves plenty of space for storage. A full kitchen galley with sink, an induction cooktop, and refrigerator/freezer combo completes the package.

With the California Coast, you can live the digital nomad lifestyle loud and proud, with modern amenities and fine aesthetics centered around your tastes. Living the van life is easy with your converted Mercedes Sprinter van - you will wonder why you didn’t choose this life sooner.

Full specs of the California Coast platform can be seen here.

Camper vans that have the look and feel of home

Our Evergreen Dream platform is perfect for small families and weekend adventures. The optional 3rd or 4th flip-down seat allows you to store away your valuables after you’ve set up camp. The dinette magically transforms into a bed, great for hosting visitors and having a shared meal. The full kitchen galley with sink features an induction cooktop and refrigerator/freezer combo. The kitchen is split when a seat is added and is great for those owners with bikes or other large, skinny items to place down the center.

It is an easy walk-through from front to back, with plenty of upper and lower cabinet storage.

We also designed the Evergreen Dream 2 with all of the features above, but with added seats; perfect for families who need extra seating. Imagine bringing your family closer together and making lasting memories as you travel together, exploring the open countryside and visiting attractions from coast to coast.

Full specs of the Evergreen Dream platform can be seen here and the Evergreen Dream 2 here.

Our Loft platform is specially designed for the solo traveler or couple who lives the full-time van life and are all about off-the-grid adventurers. It has everything you need, and then some!

It is a tried-and-true home camper equipped with the option of a full shower, a kitchen, and an optional platform bed. We have designed a large open garage area underneath the bed to store all the possessions you need for life on the road, and back-door cubbies with a second outdoor shower for those warm days when you want to feel the sun’s rays as you shower.

Full specs of the Loft platform can be seen here.

Our Sprinter 170 Series

Our full-tilt Interstate platform has the luxury of the space of an RV inside the Mercedes Sprinter. It is designed for full-time van living, and also for the casual on-site camper who simply wants to hang out all day at the campsite in a beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious van.

You will naturally be the talk of the campground, and you will easily make friends who are curious about your swanky camper van lifestyle.

The Interstate features a full shower and a bench seat in the front, allowing for a small hangout area for passengers or guests with the driver and passenger seats on swivels – perfect for families. These ingenious swat swivels are options for our other platforms as well!

There is also a full kitchen galley with a sink, an induction cooktop, and a refrigerator/freezer combo. A platform bed, plenty of garage storage, split upper cabinets, and even a full closet completes this incredible setup.

Full specs of the Interstate platform can be seen here.

Finally, our Getaway platform is perfect for a group of friends or a family. It features an open floor plan with everything you might need for long-term travel: a platform bed and 2 fold-out twin beds, a full kitchen galley with sink, an induction cooktop, and a refrigerator/freezer combo. It includes plenty of upper cabinet storage and easy sliding-door access. Small parties, events, and get-togethers are easy with this open and versatile design.

The Getaway pre-engineered platform will give you the space and function you need when traveling.

Imagine taking that extended family trip, or that friends’ reunion into the vast Californian desert, or an epic eastern seaboard sojourn. The possibilities are endless when you have such a versatile layout that complements your lifestyle.

Full specs of the Getaway platform can be seen here.

Promise to You

The ultimate goal of Vanspeed Shop is centered around you, our customer. We want to provide a beautifully hand-crafted, pre-engineered superior vehicle that is built for your future adventures and gives you the freedom to travel anywhere at a moment’s notice. We aspire to the notion of spontaneity and serendipity – to go where the wind tells you to go and to do it in comfort and style.

We know you want the perfect adventure vehicle. With our master craftsmanship, we obsess over every single detail so that you can take your luxurious home with you worry-free.

The Bottom Line

All of our van platforms are incredibly versatile – both the adventurer and the homebody will be proud to show off their Vanspeed-built camper van. With the sleek and modern styling inside and out, your camp neighbors and passers-by will do double-takes and want to know more. And when you inevitably make new friends out on the road, all of our vans are host-worth, especially on the platforms with the dinette included.

Choosing the perfect camper van for your needs can become a reality with our customizable line of great semi-custom platforms. We cannot wait to get you outfitted and on the road to your next adventure!